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Intern Affairs

Hello, loves!

Today was a lovely day, as it was my last day of classes AND the last day of my internship!  This was my first internship ever, and it was an incredible experience.  I learned a lot from it, so I’ve compiled a short list of tips for present and future interns!

1. Ask for Help

This pill was initially a bit hard to swallow.  I think our generation is so driven that we often see asking for help as a sign of weakness, but really it’s a huge strength!  It shows that you are interested in learning and accept the fact that you don’t know everything — two traits that are attractive to employers and colleagues!

2. Go the Extra Mile

When you’re an intern, you get a lot thrown at you at once, and sometimes it’s hard to juggle everything.  This can make it difficult to put forth extra effort, as you can feel burned out halfway through the day.  But I promise, going the extra mile every once in a while makes a big difference, and your supervisors (who you may need for letters of rec in the future!) will notice for sure.

3. Take Notes

This is probably the most important thing I took away from my internship.  While working, I wrote EVERYTHING down.  To-do lists, contact information, drafts for emails and website copy, you name it.  While physical notes are a must, take mental ones as well.  Observe people in the office, and notice who has got their stuff together.  Take notes from the most successful people in the office, and learn from their example.  After all, you’re hoping to get a job like theirs in the future!

4. End on a High Note

Internships are not forever.  Work your hardest towards the end of your internship, and make your last day your best day.  Sincerely thank your supervisor(s) with your words and a thank you note, and leave a good lasting impression.  You never know what opportunities the company will have to offer in the future!

I hope these tips are helpful for anyone who currently is or would like to be an intern!  After all, you’ve gotta do a few coffee runs before you get to be the CEO, right?




The F Word

Hello, loves!

Today I wanna talk about the F word…FINALS!

That’s right…finals are coming up and I am slowly but surely getting ready to conquer them.  There are a few things I always do at the end of the semester to prep for taking my exams, and I figured I’d share those with you.  So, here are my top tips to ensure smooth sailing for finals week!

1. Go Grocery Shopping

This may seem a bit random, but I find it’s always a good idea to stock up on food for the week before your finals begin.  The last thing you need is to get hangry while studying and be stuck without your fave snacks.  Don’t forget to grab coffee as well!

2. Get Organized

Personally, I can’t focus on schoolwork if my apartment is messy — it just stresses me out too much!  So, I always make sure to clean my room (and do laundry!) before I start my study sesh.  A clean room = a clear mind, which makes studying go a lot more smoothly!

3. Write It Out

I’m a very visual person, so for me, it helps to write out a schedule in my planner of when my exams are, and when I plan to study for them.  That way, I don’t forget or mix up any dates, and I can stay on track with my review sessions!

4. Don’t Overdo It

While I of course want to do well on my exams, I am constantly reminding myself (and my friends) that “it’s only one test.”  Prepare yourself, yes, but also take time to unwind and relax.  Personally, I like to watch a movie or do my nails to give my mind a break, then get back to work!

I hope these tips help you survive your final exams!  Remember, these too shall pass, and one final exam will not make or break your future.  Study hard, but try not to go overboard.  You can do this!